2017 Seafair Seattle WA • Historic Flight Foundation

The International Society for International Photography has been contacted by John Sessions of Historic Flight Foundation to work with them for a special opportunity during the 2017 Seafair event with an A2A option for those who attend.

In discussion with Historic Flight Foundation and Seafair, the following options have been planned.

ISAP members and photographers will meet in Seattle WA on Thursday, August 3,2017 at the Historic Flight Foundation for 2 activities.

One will be A2A flights with 2 of the Historic Flight Museum and your photo ship will be on their B-25 Mitchell over the Seattle landscape. Members who took part on the last A2A from Historic Flight Foundation capture some great images. We are looking at the P-51 and Spitfire as your subject aircraft. Note the subject aircraft could be changed but those who sign up for this option will be informed of replacing aircraft. At this time we have 12 photographers opening for the A2A flights.

The second activity for Thursday we have planned for a sunset/evening engine run-up photo op. We will have up to 3 of the museum aircraft placed and set up for photography with engines running. Giving the photographer a rare opportunity to do this style of photography. A BBQ style dinner will be set up for the session as well. (38 Photographers)

This is the practice day for the airshow but more and more people are turning out to watch the performers fly. Seafair and Historic Flight Foundation have worked out a great viewing location that ISAP photographers will have the opportunity to view and photograph the show from a barge that will be between the 2 active airshow boxes(Cat1 and Cat3 Airbox ) giving you a closer location to the show. This opportunity will be for 15 photographers only and will be a first come to sign up for this option.

We are setting up an additional location on shore in a VIP area for photographers to photograph the show from. (35 photographers)
After the practice, we will return to the museum and photographers will have the opportunity to discuss the past 2 days and share information and images.

Saturday: (Option Details Not Final at This Time)
Round-trip bus trip to Boeing Field for the Saturday air show (base for performers) to photography the Blue Angels ground show and aircraft departing for the airshow and return.
Other option we are working for during the visit there.*

* Location at Boeing Field outside the public view and as close as Air Ops and Blue Angels will allow. Opportunity to speak with the photo team with the Blue Angels
Access to the museum before opening hours of the airshow
Chance to photograph to aircraft based on the field for the airshow Static placement only (small groups to be escorted around the aircraft)

As this is a late notice to sign up for this trip  July 10, 2017, will be the deadline to sign up for this event.

To take part in this event email: info@aviationphoto.org and you will receive additional information and the cost to take part.

Larry Grace
International Society for Aviation Photography