Claes Axstål

Claes Axstål grew up playing with cameras and flash bulbs…, at his father’s photo store in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In the early 80s he started his professional photo career photographing skiing. He wanted to find his own style and used medium format cameras and flash on the mountain sides. Ever since his trademark has been stunning sunsets with perfect illumination of sports, travel, boats, automobiles and aircraft in their real environment.

Some 10 years ago he wanted to take his flash photography to new heights and first thought to prove it for aircraft and then of course with the same real photography action as of his skiers he ones pioneered flash photography on the slopes. The “Airborne Flash Photography” was born 28 March 2001 when he for the first time photographed the Saab Gripen fighter jet for the Swedish Air Force.

The flash generators,which are not only shielded electromagnetically, but also sealed for operation at sea has a total weight of 250 kg… when shooting straight in to the sun there is no substitute for power. The “Airborne Flash Photography” is, in other words, real photography and no computer work.

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