Lyle Jansma

Lyle Jansma became involved in photography at the age of 11.  With a 1960’s Polaroid Land camera, he began snapping shots of family, friends and almost anything that moved in the air or the water.

Lyle’s first memory of witnessing a Warbird in flight was that of a B-25 Mitchell, on final to Bellingham Airport, flying directly over his childhood house. Lyle began photographing professionally at the age of 17 while still in High School and continued to do so through College. Although a shift in his career path took him away from professional photography for a number of years, in 2005 Lyle was asked to photograph the Heritage Flight Museum’s P-51 and AD-4, and later to photograph their P-51 in an Air-to-Air setting; this would be his first ever Air-to-Air photo shoot. The photo mission was a success and a new career path was launched.

In the Fall of 2007, he returned to professional photography after forming Jansma Design LLC. Today, Lyle continues as an active volunteer at the Heritage Flight Museum as well as several other regional air museum’s including the Museum of Flight, Historic Flight Foundation, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum and the Tillamook Air Museum.

One of Lyle’s unique  specialties is creating 360º Virtual Tours of aircraft cockpits, using the a form mentioned collections as his subjects. Lyle’s work can be seen on his new iPhone App entitled Cockpit360.

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