Nora M. Klein

The feeling of being born with a camera in my hand and a lens that I think is somehow connected to my soul is familiar to me.My goal in my photography is to capture the history, thrill, romance and feel of flight for all to experience even if they have never flown. I love classic planes, war birds, air plane parts. My favorite is the P51.

My passion for aviation commenced as merely a birth right. I grew up at the tarmac looking up at the bottom of these huge flying machines waiting for my father to come home or sitting on his lap in the cockpit on approach in far away places. Thought all girls grew up like that till I was much older. I was lucky to feel the the thrill of flight and visit the best museums in the world before I could even grasp the meaning of it. Later on in life, I had the privilege to live next to one of the best collections of war birds in the world, The Planes of Fame Museum,at CNO. There I got my first chance to expose my work, was inspired to start my gallery ( ), pursue my private pilots license and join the 99’s. An international organization of women in aviation established in 1928.


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