2019 Commemorative Air Force Photo (CAF) Photo Contest


The International Society for Aviation Photography is pleased to announce that the 2019 Commemorative Air Force Photo (CAF) contest will be opened to ISAP members, as well as to members of CAF. CAF’s members photograph people, planes, and their events throughout the year. The Commemorative Air Force hosts many events across the country and recognizes that many ISAP members share the same love of aviation through their photography. As a result, the CAF has taken the unusual step of inviting interested ISAP members to participate in the contest and enter some of the great photography they may have taken of CAF aircraft or at CAF events.

As always ISAP encourages its members to carefully consider the rules of any contest they consider entering. Although the rules of the CAF contest may sound like a “rights grab,” CAF worked with ISAP on some changes, and the organization understands ISAP’s concerns surrounding image rights and will be working with ISAP to develop fair, more photographer-friendly rules in the future.

Under the rules, all photos submitted to the contest by CAF members and ISAP members may be used in the future to promote the Commemorative Air Force. These photos help to document CAF’s efforts and tell the organization’s story—the hard work on the ramp, vintage aircraft in flight, and the audience reacting at CAF airshows and engaging with CAF members are essential. Images will be used primarily in CAF’s magazine, The Dispatch, both in print and online and in social media. The contest rules also give ISAP the ability to use contest images. ISAP will use these images only in its ISnAP digital magazine, on the ISAP website, and in social media in its reporting of the contest.

The rules do not give third parties rights to use images entered in the contest, and ISAP members who have worked with CAF in the past say that the organization is great about relaying requests from such third parties as other magazines and video producers to the photographer involved, so that he or she can negotiate a usage agreement.

CAF and ISAP are working to build a relationship between the organizations that will allow them to work together at events in the future, showcasing ISAP members’ knowledge and exploring ways to help everyone who loves aviation photography to become better photographers.

Larry Grace • President

International Society for Aviation Photography


Photo Contest information and Rules