Speakers for ISAP XIV Symposium • Tucson AZ

Jay Miller • XIV ISAP Symposium George Hall Lifetime Achievement Award.

The International Society for Aviation Photography (ISAP) has announced that Jay Miller of Fort Worth, Tex., has been selected to receive the organization’s 15th George Hall Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award, which will be presented at the ISAP XIV Symposium in Tucson, Ariz., March 15–17, 2018, recognizes outstanding individuals whose initiative and dedication to aviation photography throughout their careers have improved the profession and positively influenced others.

Miller started as an aviation photographer nearly 50 years ago and has not only photographed aircraft, he has authored 36 books about aviation and served as the director of both the American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s “Flying Heritage Collection.”

Plus, he co-founded ISAP in 2001 and led the organization until 2013.

ISAP established the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize outstanding individuals whose inventiveness and dedication to the field throughout their careers have improved the profession and positively influenced others. They are, quite simply, aviation photographers’ role models. The award is presented to professionals, living or deceased, in the fields of photography, publishing, aviation, or space technology who have had a significant impact on the photography of aviation or space subjects.

In 2006, the ISAP board voted to name the award in honor of George Hall, a widely respected aviation photographer who had served on the ISAP board since its founding, but passed away in 2006 just two days before he was to receive this same award. In naming the award, the board said Hall “exemplified the very best our profession has to offer. He was talented, bighearted, and a mentor to all of us who aspired to be an aviation photographer.”

Jay Miller built his own legacy of mentorship and dedication to the history of the aviation industry and the images that preserve that history. That legacy continues and the ISAP board, on behalf of the members of the organization, is proud and pleased to honor him for it.

Jim Koepnick to speak at ISAP XIV Symposium

The International Society for Aviation Photography is pleased to announce that Jim Koepnick has been confirmed as a speaker at the upcoming ISAP XIV Symposium. The event will be held March 15-17, 2018, in Tucson, Ariz.

Koepnick is one of today’s leading aviation photographers, shooting for Cirrus Aircraft, Flying magazine, Plane and Pilot, Air & Space Smithsonian, AOPA, EAA, and Sigma. He also shoots for the USA Today Network-Wisconsin in the Oshkosh area, specializing in sports and action. His freelance clients include Ripon College and Our Wisconsin Magazine. He is a Sigma Pro photographer.

Previously, Koepnick served as the Experimental Aviation Association’s chief photographer for 28 years. In that role, he photographed more than 1,000 aircraft during air-to-air missions, landing more than 500 covers on various EAA publications.

Koepnick’s photography has consistently won awards from Aviation Week and Space Technology, Wisconsin Imaging Photographers Association, American Advertising Federation, and Calendar Marketing Association. His photojournalism has been recognized by the Wisconsin Newspaper Association, Wisconsin Press Photographers Association, and Inland Press.

He received ISAP’s prestigious George Hall Lifetime Achievement award in 2012.

Koepnick’s presentation will emphasize his recent career transitions, shifting from a staff photographer position to freelancing, and evolving his aviation photography to emphasize people, lighting, and other elements instead of focusing primarily on air-to-air imagery.

Scott Dworkin joins ISAP XIV lineup

Los Angeles-based freelance photojournalist Scott Dworkin has had a lifelong passion for both aviation and photography. After honing his skills as a photographer, he decided to combine those interests in 2010. Since then, his work has been published in numerous international aviation publications.

As a freelance photographer and writer, Dworkin has flown with every branch of the military, as well as many civilian aircraft operators and law enforcement aviation units. He has traveled to Afghanistan with the U.S. Air Force, and around the United States documenting various military and civilian units in action.

Dworkin will discuss his photography and working with the military as a speaker during the International Society for Aviation Photography’s upcoming ISAP XIV Symposium. The symposium will be held March 15-17, 2018, in Tucson, Ariz.

Dworkin’s freelance work led to a job at the U.S. Air Force Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base, California, where he provided still photography, high definition videography, high-speed video, and post-production services in both air-to-air and air-to-ground assignments. He routinely flew in various Air Force aircraft to document ordnance and weapons testing, drop tests, aircraft flight performance, and other missions. Dworkin also works as a contract aerial photographer/videographer for the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division.

Today Dworkin operates Mach 91 Aerial Photography, which he says is the culmination of his dream to bring aircraft to life in their natural environment and tell the story of the men and women who serve.

Chris Hibben joins ISAP XIV lineup

Drones have allowed Wisconsin-based photographer and videographer Chris Hibben to expand his business, providing another tool his clients can use to tell a story. A visual journalist for 30 years, he honed his craft as a Navy journalist and now serves as one of the Air Force Reserves’ elite combat photographers, deployed to many theaters around the world over the past 23 years.

Hibben will discuss his use of drones as a speaker during the International Society for Aviation Photography’s upcoming ISAP XIV Symposium. The symposium will be held March 15-17, 2018, in Tucson, Ariz.

He started his multimedia production company, Snap 180 Media LLC, in 2005. He is at home on Lambeau Field, covering the Green Bay Packers; on the campaign trail; or shooting major weather-related stories. His company holds contracts with such networks as ESPN, FOX News Channel, ABC, The Weather Channel and Fox Sports. As a photojournalist, Hibben primarily produces video for breaking news, daily news stories and live shots for network clients. His still photos have been published in many major magazines and newspapers.

In 2013 Hibben decided to expand his business, incorporating his private pilot certificate and love for radio control flying. He became one of the first people in the United States to hold an FAA Part 333 waiver and now holds the newer FAA Part 107 certification. This has put him on the cusp of the rapidly growing field of drone photography and drone cinematography. In addition, he was the first person in the Air Force Reserve to use drones to cover military exercises. Hibben’s passion for flying and keen eye have made him one of the most respected drone operators in the industry.

Brig. Gen. Keith Connolly is ISAP XIV banquet speaker

The International Society for Aviation Photography is pleased to announce that Brig. Gen. Keith B. Connolly, U.S. Air Force (retired), will present the keynote address during the closing banquet at the ISAP XIV Symposium in Tucson, Ariz., March 15-17.

Connolly entered the Air Force in January 1956 as an aviation cadet and through his distinguished career, he logged more than 4,800 flying hours in F-86s, F-100s, A-7s, F-4s, F-15s, and F-16s. That experience included 172 combat missions over North Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

He will talk about his experiences flying the F-100 Super Saber, the first mass-produced fighter to break the sound barrier in straight-and-level flight thanks to its afterburner. The first operational jet used in Vietnam, Connolly logged 1,987 hours in the F-100 over 10 years. His presentation will cover tactical fighter employment concepts as well as the Super Sabre itself.