15th George Hall Lifetime Achievement Award • Jay Miller

Jay Miller


The International Society for Aviation Photography (ISAP) has announced that Jay Miller of Fort Worth, Tex., has been selected to receive the organization’s 15th George Hall Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award, which will be presented at the ISAP XIV Symposium in Tucson, Ariz., March 15–17, 2018, recognizes outstanding individuals whose initiative and dedication to aviation photography throughout their careers have improved the profession and positively influenced others.

Miller started as an aviation photographer nearly 60 years ago and has not only photographed aircraft, he has authored 36 books about aviation and served as the director of both the American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s “Flying Heritage Collection.”

Plus, he co-founded ISAP in 2000 and led the organization until 2013.

ISAP established the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize outstanding individuals whose inventiveness and dedication to the field throughout their careers have improved the profession and positively influenced others. They are, quite simply, aviation photographers’ role models. The award is presented to professionals, living or deceased, in the fields of photography, publishing, aviation, or space technology who have had a significant impact on the photography of aviation or space subjects.

In 2006, the ISAP board voted to name the award in honor of George Hall, a widely respected aviation photographer who had served on the ISAP board since its founding, but passed away in 2006 just two days before he was to receive this same award. In naming the award, the board said Hall “exemplified the very best our profession has to offer. He was talented, big-hearted, and a mentor to all of us who aspired to be an aviation photographer.”

Jay Miller built his own legacy of mentorship and dedication to the history of the aviation industry and the images that preserve that history. That legacy continues and the ISAP board, on behalf of the members of the organization, is proud and pleased to honor him for it.


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