ISAP board and staff members

ISAP Board Members

Larry Grace  President and Board Chairman

Jim Wilson  Vice President and Vice Chairman

Gary Edwards Treasurer 

Mike Collins  Secretary

George Kounis ISAP board member

Jay Miller Chairman Emeritus

Each ISAP board member is selected by the society to guide and direct the organization. By bringing his or her own unique experiences to maintain the diversity of the organization.

ISAP staff 

ISnAP editor, Kevin Hong

ISnAP international editor,

Membership Coordinator & Webmaster

Legal counsel,

Past ISAP board members

Jay Miller President and Board Chairman

Chad Slattery Vice President and Vice Chairman

Bonnie Kratz Treasurer 

Denny Lombard  Secretary

Jessica Ambats

Paul Bowen

Richard VanderMeulen

David Carlson

Russell Munson

Caroline Sheen

Eric Schulzinger

Katsuhiko Tokunaga

George Hall