Videos by ISAP Members

ACC Single Ship Demo Teams • F-22 • F-35 • F-16 • A-10

The Air Combat Command Single Ship Demonstrations Teams travel to air shows all around the world every single year to showcase American airpower, recruit, retain, and inspire the next generation, as well as to enhance international and domestic relationships. The teams represent the hundreds of thousands of Airmen serving both home and abroad who are fighting for our country and defending our freedoms.

Video by U.S. Air Force Lt Sam Eckholm

Luminar 4.2 Aviation Tutorial

Composite Aviation edit using Photoshop and Luminar 4.2. Plus there are some freebies in the description below which can be used in Luminar and Photoshop. It’s my 100th video on the channel so I thought I’d give away some more free stuff, which I hope you find useful and fun. In this video, I take another look at AI Augmented Sky this time though it’s to hopefully answer a question for Larry Grace, The President of International Society of Aviation Photographers.

Video by Gary Mclntyre

A Mom’s Blend of Work & Life

Video by Jessica Ambats

Air Los Angeles

Video by Vincent Laforet

2018 ISAP XIV Symposium Member Slideshow

Interview with Mark Holtzman on his B-2 image over the 2018 Rose Bowl Game

Video by Raymond Cervantes

EAA Air to Air Photography

Video by EAA with Jim Koepnick and pilot Bruce Moore

Video by  Jim Wilson

Video by Jo Hunter

Video by Jo Hunter

Aerial Project “33K”

Video by Vincent Laforet

Capturing Aerial Photos of the World’s Most Advanced Jets

ISAP member & Lockheed Martin Photographer

Liz (Kaszynski) Lutz