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Questions – Before you contact us, please check below to see if your question has been answered. 

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I've just paid, why can't I access the membership area?

Most payments are processed immediately with PayPal, however in some cases it can take up to a few hours, and in extreme cases a few days. If your account has not been activated within 2-3 days, please contact us

I've just signed up and paid, why am I being told that my account does not exist?

There could be many reasons for this:

•  You did not complete the transaction with PayPal.
•  A technical error disrupted transmission of your payment.
•  You have not checked your email. You will be sent a confirmation of your membership once the PayPal transaction is completed.

I'm a past member but my login and password doesn't work.

If your membership expired on or before 12/31/2007, please reregister.
If you joined in 2009-2011, please contact us.

Membership Questions

What does it cost to join?

Membership is $75 a year

Fees are in U. S. Dollars.

How can I pay? I don't want to send cash or a check?

We use PayPal. It offers us a secure and reliable means to process our dues.

Does the application for membership need to be completed electronically?


If I join now, is the membership full price pro-rated?

Dues are by anniversary, which means your membership  runs from the time you join/renew until the same date on the following year.

Can you please send me membership information?

No, We do not send out membership packets by mail. Please review our Membership area for more details.

General Information

I would like to use your photos for free in my blog/website/newsletter/book?

The photos on our web site are copyright images not available for use.

Please respect the copyrights of our photographers.

If you are interested in the usage of a photo, please contact us and state your request. We will pass it along to the owner of the image(s).

Could you send me a CD or DVD of some photos?

Please see above.

I'm trying to contact a member, can you send me his email address?

Please contact us  and in the ‘Subject Line’ write “ATTN: Member Name”.

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