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The board also determined that ISAP membership will be viewed as a privilege. Accordingly, along with membership comes a responsibility to fellow members.

All members will share, educate, and network with each other to continually improve the skills and knowledge base of ISAP as a whole.

ISAP’s goal is to continue its standing as a professional organization held in high esteem by the aviation industry.

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Currently, our membership sign-up is down due to new software

We are in the process of fixing this problem, once we are back online an email will be sent out. 

COIVD-19 has put a lot of aviation events on hold and with the last part of 2020 and into 2021. At this time we are looking at options for our members to get together again in 2021.  Our Symposium is on hold but smaller events are being looked at for 2021. You will be kept informed via Facebook, newsletter, and, our magazine Airspeed.

Thank you for your support of your membership with ISAP.