2016 Fall Photo Call • NAF El Centro

Welcome to the 2016 spring photocall at NAF El Centro. Twice a year the PAO Kris Haugh and the men and women of NAF El Centro invite photographers to a photocall of naval air operation. This opportunity allows photographers to capture images of flight ops up close and personal. Several aviation photography groups are invited to these photo calls and ISAP members had been invited and this is our fourth visit to the annual photo calls.

On behalf of ISAP membership I would like to send our sincere thanks to The Blue Angels Demonstration team, the men and women sailors of NAF El Centro, The pilots and flight crews of the T-45 Goshawks, F-18 E/F SuperHornets, EA-18G Growlers, and C2A Greyhounds.. may our images show off your hard work and dedication to keeping America strong. And to NAFEC PAO Kris Haugh and his staff in accommodating the photographers attending this photo call and giving us all the experience of capturing naval air power in action.

ISAP Members:

Steve Bigg • Brent Clark • Scott Germain •  Larry Grace • Jeff Krueger • Craig Swancy

Additional images can be seen in this issue of ISnAP