Air to air with the apache

ISAP member Arnoud Schoor, is a Combat Camera/ Aerial Photographer with the Dutch Audio Visual Department of Defense (AVDD). Along with fellow ISAP member Eric Vorstenbosch and I are the only specialists in aerial photography with our armed forces.

One of the most amazing things to photograph is the Apache demo display team. Especially for our apache Demo ” sky is the limit”. They make the most magnificent maneuvers and there seem to be no bounders. In their demo sequences they show maneuvers as; hammerhead, looping, Split S, barrel rolls and verticals up and down. Even flying up side down looks like a peace of cake in their demo display. This team won’t except level flight pictures. Apache demo team expects spectacular air-to-air PR images, which can be used for posters, flyers, media etc. This is the greatest challenge of our work.

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