Bob Driver

Bob Driver

Beginning early on in his childhood Bob’s always had a passion for airplanes and photography. He ended up being a third generation Lockheed employee, so aviation is truly in his blood. Both Grandfathers were photographers, one a professional (a crime photographer/detective for the LAPD), the other a very accomplished amateur. Guidance and critique never very far away.

His career at Lockheed Martin has spanned nearly 40 years and he’s currently the Visual Communications Lead over the Skunk Works Graphics Group. HIs position and photography experience have led to many company photo related projects, usually as an Art Director but a number have ended up being shooting assignments alongside some of Lockheed Martin’s best photo and video professionals.

Bob was the Second Place winner (Defense Category) of the 2017 Aviation Week Photo Contest with an image of Thunderbird 8 captured just after a rain/hail storm at Fox Field in Lancaster CA.

One of his main passions is the Los Angeles County Air Show in Lancaster, CA. Bob has been associated with that air show since the very first meeting over 6 years ago. He currently sits on the Board of Directors overseeing Marketing & Branding, also coordinating all of the video and photo requirements for the show, which includes the Photo Tour and High School Photography Mentoring Program.

Future ambitions include more air-2-air time and to a broader reach in the world of aviation photography.


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