Chris Malone

Chris Malone

Raised on the Oregon Coast, I’m a professional photographer and pixel artist, living and playing in Coos Bay, Oregon part of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I have a beautiful wife, four children, and four grandchildren.

I served on active duty in the US Army, and the Oregon Army Nation Guard. I flew on several UH-1 Helicopter variations as a crew chief and Mechanic, and I’m a veteran, serving in the Gulf War, with the 498th Medical Company AA (Air Ambulance).

Aviation is my first love and my favorite subject overall with photography. In 2009, a friend let me borrow a DSLR for a trip to an air show. I had always hoped to one day be able to break the bonds of a point-and-shoot and reach out and capture those beautiful aircraft up close. I did just that and the photos I took brought tears to my eyes with joy, which led to my first Nikon DSLR purchase. Since then I’ve upgraded my gear over the years, and now I primarily shoot with the full-frame Nikon D850, which is hands-down an awesome camera.

Living in the Pacific Northwest and on the Oregon Coast has so many beautiful locations, but I’m always thrilled to turn my lens upward to the sky!


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