David Walsh

David Walsh

David started his career in Aviation and Photography in 1974 while he was pursuing his private pilot’s license. While attending the University of South Florida in 1979, David was introduced to Johnny Williams and to the CAF.  Mr. Williams hired David as a pilot for his company and for the airshow’s Chase Plane. Traveling the Southern and Eastern airshows, flying the chase aircraft, and photographing the events became his passion.

With his home-based in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex, his career in photography opened doors to the Motorsports arena. Photographing for the sponsors of racing teams lead him to NASCAR, Indy Car, Off-Road and MotoX.” The Faster the Better” is David’s approach to photography.

Aviation Photography will always remain in his blood and consumes his desire to achieve the perfect image.


Instagram: @davidwalshphoto

Facebook: David Walsh photography

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