Jeff Krueger

Jeff Krueger is a photo hobbyist recently retired from the corporate world. I’ve been involved with photography since high school working on the school paper and yearbook. After college, I took my interest in photography underwater and taught underwater photography. Spending over 20 years within driving distance of Oshkosh, Wisconsin I attended EAA pretty much every year as I was always fascinated with aircraft and flying with warbirds as a major interest. I started shooting air shows and static aircraft pretty much for my own consumption. Several years ago I learned about ISAP, joined and attended a couple symposiums. Being a member of this organization introduced me to a number of very talented aviation photographers and I’ve benefitted by learning from each of them. I plan on continuing to learn and get better and more professional as a member of ISAP. I am also a longtime member of EAA and Warbirds of America.

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