John Ford

John Ford

Hi, my name is John Ford. I was a commercial photographer for many years in Los Angeles. I shot Architecture, food, people and product photography. I then spent a number of years working in labs until digital took over, I have since retired. I have always been interested in aviation and I now consider myself a promising aviation photographer. I try to shoot from a different perspective.

I’m looking for that detail or graphic image that really stands out. I not only look at the shape of what I see but the negative space around the object as well. Sometimes when I see a really outstanding image it can be startling. I have received help from many photographers over the years and I try to share what knowledge and experience I have with others.

If there is one bit of info that has really helped me over the years, it is to turn around and look at where you just came from. If you are walking down a flight line, a city street or the beach, you see what you see. However, the view is completely different when you turn around and look at where you came from.

I shoot Nikon and I live in southern California

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