Kevin Hong

Kevin Hong       ISnAP Editor and ISAP Board Member

As a kid I grew up around aviation and started getting into cameras. Since I am a graphic designer being a photographer is a plus. I have worked on various assignments covering airshows and tradeshows. I started my own aviation photography and marketing company called Sector K Media, LLC based in Houston, Texas. Some of my clients include Atlas Air, Cathay Pacific Airlines, and P-51 Quicksilver Mustang.

I am a contributing photographer for the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), an official photographer for Tora Tora Tora and a loadmaster on B-17 Texas Raiders. My photos have been published in multiple covers and magazines for CAF Dispatch, Warbird Digest, FlyPast Magazine and Rotor Magazine for Helicopter Association International.

As a member of the CAF I have been fortunate to photograph many war birds and meet many veterans who have served during war and peacetime. One of my missions in life is to capture and preserve the history of war birds and the aviation community. I have created books and publications to help support many non-profit organizations. The service I provide combines photography and graphic design skills to tell a story so that future generations realize that freedom is not free.

I am currently a member of International Council of Airshows (ICAS) and have recently become a contributing photographer for the organization. I love being in the air and on the ground during airshows to help promote aviation and safety awareness. I work with providing photography services for airshows from start to finish. I have a great time working in the airshow industry with performers coming up with new marketing concepts to promote their services through photography and design.

While I continue to work in an office editing photos and designing, I tell people I have an office in the sky.

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