Liam Nash

Liam Nash

Liam Nash is an amateur photographer based on the Gold Coast in Australia with no formal photography training.

He picked up the bug of aviation photography in 2014 when the G20 leaders summit was held in Brisbane, photographing aircraft with a 10mp point-and-shoot.  He now uses Sony mirrorless cameras in combination with Sigma Lenses and is always looking at improving his hobby every time he is at an airport.

He prefers to photograph military aircraft but will shoot just about anything that has an engine and goes quickly, including racecars.  Liam also enjoys the challenge of photographing at night, both static and moving when the opportunity presents itself or if something rare or special is arriving.

While sitting at an airport for hours on end, sometimes from dawn till dusk and into the night is fairly normal for him, Liam also attends airshows whenever possible, as well as managing his Instagram and Flickr pages Flaps&Slats Photography.


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