ISAP mission statement


The International Society for Aviation Photography,Inc. brings together people who share a love of aviation photography. It exists to enhance artistic quality, advance technical knowledge, and improve safety for all areas of aviation photography while fostering professionalism, high ethical standards, and camaraderie among the members.

About ISAP

ISAP is an international non-profit  501(c)(3)  professional organization whose range of members and member contributions spans the entire spectrum of aviation and aerospace photography. It includes full-time professional photographers, graphic artists, writers, historians, publishers, trade organizations, pilots, and serious enthusiasts. Membership is open to anyone interested in aviation and aerospace photography including professional, advanced amateur, and photographers whose areas of expertise are in other disciplines. We also welcome corporations with aviation interests or charters. ISAP offers members the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented aviation photographers in the world, be exposed to the latest in photographic  software and hardware, and perhaps most importantly, develop and renew lasting friendships in an atmosphere of extraordinary camaraderie.


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