Past ISAP symposiums

ISAP Symposium Group Photos ( 2001-2011 )

ISAP_VI 2006b : ISAP VI- April 20–22, 2006  San Diego, CA USA

ISAP-VIII :  ISAP VIII February 28, 29 and March 1, 2008  ISAP lighting demo at Bell Helicopter Ft. Worth TX
© 2008 Sheldon Cohen and Junebug Clark

As for the photo Nikon SB-80 flashes were used. one on each side of the aircraft, one behind to light the back and bottom (this was clamp to the back of the A/C) one inside the cockpit to light that area,Meter to get a 5.6 flashes where set up to fire remote from the main camera. Camera setting as at  1/60 @ 5.6 ISO 400 70-200 mm set at 86 mm

ISAP-X : Symposium Program

ISAP-IX : ISAP IX- March 4–6, 2010 Las Vegas,NV USA

ISAP-IX : ISAP IX- March 4–6, 2010 Nellis AFB • Red Flag • Las Vegas,NV USA

ISAP IX : Symposium Program

ISAP-IX Symposium 1

ISAP-IX Symposium 2

ISAP -IX Symposium 3