Paul Kobers

Paul Kobers

Paul Kober’s interest in photography started ten years ago. Over the years he has experimented with doing portraits, landscapes, and architecture. Last summer he finally found his niche.

Paul is very passionate about music. He made his living for a number of years as a professional jazz saxophonist.

He is also passionate about animals. He and his wife currently have five shelter cats. Paul found a unique way to combine both music and animals together in his photography.

Paul has been showcased in PHOTOSHOP Magazine. one of his pictures was used as the cover for a flute composition. He’s as been a featured artist at the Aveline Gallery in Michigan, and also is in several other galleries in Michigan

All of his photos are taken in the backyard of his home – which has a various string, woodwind, and brass instruments hanging from the trees or sitting on the ground. He smears jelly, peanut butter, or birdseed on the instruments in strategic places to attract the animals. Then Paul sits and waits – for the squirrels and birds to come so he is able to photograph them! The challenge is catching the animals in an artistically pleasing position.

Photography, Wildlife, Music, Nature My photos show animals outside, playing instruments –

Woodwind, Brass, Strings, Percussion




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