Phoenix Escadrille T6 video

Gary Daniels  had the opportunity to photograph the Phoenix Escadrille T6’s on Nov. 10, 2011.
We flew out of Love Field, Dallas, Texas at sunset to do some aerial photography.

I also shot some video that I put together into this short video.
We had six T6’s in the air. One was the camera ship so you see the other five in the video and imagery.

I’m not that good with video, but I want to get better. It’s a lot of fun!  At the end of the video, I included some of the actual images from the shoot.

The pilots of the Phoenix Escadrille are great guys. A couple retired, the others are airline or corporate pilots.

They have restored these WWII Texan T6 trainers and fly special events, fly overs, airshows, etc. They are restored as WWII Army Air Force Texan T6’s and a couple as Navy SNJ’s.
I love doing this…wish there was a way to make a living at it!

Enjoy the video and photos.

Gary Daniels


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