Richard Spolar

Rich’s Aviation career/infatuation began at birth. Born on Larson Air Force Base in Moses Lake, Washington in the early 1960’s, during the Century Series of Aviation. Life on a Strategic Air Command (SAC) Base leaves him with the memories of the house shaking when the B-52’s would take off, or as his mother would say, Shake Rattle and Roll. He attended the Dayton airshow in the mid 70’s, this was his first capturing of aircraft, A McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, with a Kodak 110 film pocket Instamatic, this led to his parents giving him a Canon AE-1 for a High School graduation gift. The College he attended had an annual airshow, in which the students helped with,

This gave him a great opportunity to meet and photograph the performers and their aircraft. Although loving photography, he needed to put his education to use to make some money. First job came with the DoD and Military aircraft, but not enough money, So it was off to the airlines. He now shoots with a Nikon D7000, mostly in the South East USA.

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