Rob Stapleton Jr

Rob Stapleton Jr.

Rob Stapleton is a professional photographer that operates a business under the name of Alaskafoto in Anchorage, Alaska. Stapleton started out making photographs of aircraft at the airport in Santa Paula, California (KSZP) as young man. He soloed at SZP on his 16th birthday but gave up flying for an interest in photography.

He returned to flying in the late 1990s when he received several story and photo assignments from the Experimental Aircraft Association for its magazines.

Stapleton is a current board member of the Alaska Aviation Museum, and the Chairman of the Board of the Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association. Stapleton is also former board member of the Alaska Airmen Association, EAA Chapter 42 and the Ultralight Flyers of Alaska.

Stapleton’s website hosts an “aviation image of the day” post, and offers readers examples and advice about photographing aircraft as part of the blog posts.

“I like using a combination of the 100-400 mm and the 70-200mm lenses for aviation photography. My advice to all “budding” aviation photographers is use high shutter speeds at first and to shoot early in the morning and in afternoon/evenings (we have 21 hours of daylight in June) to catch the best light.”

Stapleton can be contacted at and welcomes visitors to come to Alaska and make aviation photographs with him.

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