Robert Talarczyk

Robert Talarczyk

Bob, who took his first photograph with his Mother’s Kodak Camera at age 8, came from a family of aviators. That same year, he sat in his first aircraft which was a U.S. Army Air Force, Vultee BT-13. He also had an opportunity to take his first plane ride in the back seat of a Piper PA-11 at his first Air Show. He was too small to see out of the window, but that experience changed his life forever. After that, he wanted to go to airports every weekend!

Bob served in a U.S. Air Force/Air National Guard, Medvac Squadron. He holds a single engine pilots license and is instrument, glider and remote pilot certified. He also flies vintage aircraft. As a graduate of Pratt Institute with an MS in Design Communications, he has had an award-winning career in film, digital and print media as a director, producer, art director, photographer and designer.

In addition to winning major global awards, Bob’s aviation photography and stories have been published in magazines and in advertising and promotional media for major aviation and global corporations. His images have hung in the Whitehouse, International Balloon Museum, Southwest Soaring Museum and the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

Bob lives in Lancaster, PA. with his wife, Nancy.

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