Su Khoo

Su Khoo

I am a semi-professional photographer based in the United Kingdom; being a car enthusiast and advanced driver, I started out originally taking photographs of cars, and it was through membership of a car club that I met my partner, an RAF fighter pilot, now retired. Then everything changed!

I can recall my first formation flight in a light aircraft, when it seemed enough of a challenge to hold the camera still, never mind compose a shot and focus; now, six years on, for me nothing beats the excitement and anticipation of a sortie – from the planning, weather checks, briefing, preparations, the flight itself followed by the camaraderie of the de-brief. I have never ceased to wonder at the skill of the pilots who choose to fly together this way.

One thing invariably leads to another, and in 2017 I gained my private pilot license; certainly learning to fly has given me a better understanding of the workload involved for the pilot, how to communicate effectively with him, and what it is like to handle an aircraft in flight.

Although my subjects are primarily in the UK private general aviation sector, through my partner I have had access to events and air shows with military connections. Through my images, I aim to give an insight into the very special world that is aviation and to capture the spirit of the enthusiastic and dedicated people who make it what it is.


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