ISAP lifetime achievement


ISAP George Hall lifetime achievement award

The International Society for Aviation Photography Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding individuals whose inventiveness and dedication to aviation photography throughout their careers has improved the profession and positively influenced others.

Candidates for this award are professionals (living or deceased) in the fields of photography, publishing, aviation, or space technology, whose lifetime careers have had a significant impact on the photography of aviation or space subjects.

Whether making, editing, or publishing aviation photography, a single soul can have a profound impact on our profession.

In 2002 the International Society for AviationPhotography established the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize outstanding individuals whose inventiveness and dedication to the field throughout their careers have improved our profession and positively influenced others. They are, quite simply, our role models.

In 2006, the Board of Directors voted to name the award in honor of George Hall. George exemplified the very best our profession has to offer. He was talented, bighearted, and a mentor to all of us who aspired to be an aviation photographer.

These individuals have also proven to be role models and have inspired others:

2001 Recipient: Katsuhiko Tokunaga

2002 Recipient: Judson Brohmer

2003 Recipient: Robert Lawson,Howard Levy and Dick Stouffer

2004 Recipient: William Larkins

2005 Recipient: Sandor Aldott

2006 Recipient: George Hall[/one_second]

2007 Recipient: Bill Williams

2008 Recipient: Paul Bowen

2011 Recipient: Phil Makanna

2012 Recipient: Jim Koepnick

2013 Recipient: Denny Lombard

2014 Recipient: Russell Munson

2017 Recipient: Jay Miller